среда, 7 сентября 2016 г.

Massage chair YAMAGUCHI «YA-2500" is not only a convenient and elegant appearance, but also provides a unique massage device made in view of the latest achievements of modern science, able to carry more than five hundred different types of massage all parts of the body, from head to fingertips and legs.

deep kneading function improves muscle tone and increases their elasticity. Massage rubbing used in neuralgic pains, it oxygenates the tissues and reduces pain. tapping and tapping techniques relieve muscle fatigue and accelerate blood circulation of deep-seated internal organs. Massage pulling reduces puffiness, helping strengthen the lymphatic drainage of the tissues it affects the subcutaneous tissue and the upper layers of the muscles. stretching function contributes to the formation of correct posture and maintain flexibility of the body.

Unique air-compression massage affects all areas of the body a variety of air cushions. Additional infrared therapy, favorable for the regeneration and restoration of body tissues, provides deep heating.

The technique of massage by Shiatsu pressure completely simulates the human finger that occurs when a point Chinese acupuncture massage. Surround 3D massage mode allows you to play masseur movement not only along the surface of the skin, but also compression pressing and kneading deep tissue.

Built-in three-dimensional navigation system "SCAN VISION" allows you to calculate the trajectory of the rollers, taking into account the smallest changes pose person sitting in the chair, and the system «SPINE SCAN» additionally keeps track of all the nuances of the position of the spine.

Active vibration mode "VIBRO +" is used to enhance circulation. With strong mechanical vibration, accelerated lymph flow and metabolism in the tissues, quickly removes toxins and waste products.

control function adjustment massage chair «Foot sensor - 2008" allows to consider individual physiological characteristics of people taller than 175cm.

The upholstery of the massage chair is made of soft, high quality leather with decorative inlaid wood paneling. Two remote control, the headrest in a comfortable cushion, MP3-player with speakers and sabbuferom, wheel system for easy movement of the chair - provide enhanced comfort of the procedures.